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Theme-Park Quality

 “Character Integrity" is the belief that in order to truly pay respect to a character through performance, that character should be the same - no matter where they are. Because we care about these characters so deeply, we refuse to allow them to attend an event without looking, sounding, or behaving their best. 

At a world-famous Theme Park or in your hometown; costume quality, wig maintenance, and performer casting/training must be perfect or the magic dies. Children notice everything, so we make sure each detail is accurate.

Thank you for noticing the difference in our theme-park quality character company, appreciating all we have invested into our characters, and finding value in what we have created. Your children deserve the highest quality character entertainment.​

The magic is in the details.

Our Services

Marie H.

"More magical, intimate, interactive, and entertaining than any Theme Park. We were visiting from the Detroit area and I know there are similar events held in my area by other groups, but from the pics and videos I’ve seen, they do not appear to be as well-done and intimate as what we experienced with OG&C. When the princesses did they opening dance number, I was brought to tears,  It must have been a combination of nostalgia and joy of seeing my daughter so full of excitement. Thank you, Olivia Grace and Company for an incredible experience!"

Booking Contract and Policies

By booking our Characters or Attending one of our events, you agree to our Performing Contract and Company Policies. Thank you for creating magic with us!

Create Magic with Us

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