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Dining Experiences & Stage Shows

Our Dining Experiences and Stage Shows Shows are our most Immersive and Interactive Experiences and include Character introductions and grand entrances, incredible dance and vocal performances, interactive games & activities, and scripted shows - followed by interactions with our Characters, memorable photo-ops, and collectable autographs for your guests! Our team is prepared to transport your guests into their favorite stories and create memories that will last a lifetime! 

Dining Experiences & Shows Packages & Pricing

Includes individual interactions, photos, and autographs with guests, and select Activities (Listed Below)


Optional Activities:


  • Introductions / Grand Entrances

  • Royal Oath / Superhero Oath 

  • Dance Performance

  • Vocal Performance

  • Dance Lesson

  • Storytime

  • Superhero Training 

  • Princess Parade

  • Pixie Dust Wishing Ceremony

  • VIP Group Portrait

  • Wishing Star Ceremony ($3 per Guest) 

  • Ceremony Coronation ($8 per Guest) 

Small Dining Experience or Show

(Up to one-hour, Up to 100 Guests) 

  • First Character: $600

  • Each Additional Character: $350

Large Dining Experience or Show

(Up to two hours, Up to 200 Guests) 

  • First Character: $700

  • Each Additional Character: $400

Optional Add Ons: 

  • Sound System (Mics, Speakers, Mixer, Laptop, and Technician): $500

  • Event Photographer: $500 

  • Coronation Ceremony: $25 + $15 Per Child

  • Wishing Star Ceremony: $25 + $5 Per Child

Please Note: One Character Attendant is Required per 3 Characters. ($75 per hour). Travel Fees may apply. 

Magical Add-Ons

Add any of the following items to your Show or Dining Experience Package


Guest Coronation Ceremony

If you would like to add a Ceremony and Crown for each of her guests to receive a High-Quality Metal and Crystal and Tiara either during the Meet-and-Greet or a Formal Coronation Ceremony, you may do so for a flat rate of $25 + $15 per Crown/Guest.


Event Photographer

We have a talented team of Photographers who have been professionally trained how to Capture the Candid Interaction, Magic Moments, and Posed Photos with Characters. This Package will include digital access to all photos without our Company Watermark. This Service is a flat rate of $500 for all Packages.

IMG_0115 4.JPG

Autographed Photo Cards

Need a Favor for your Guests? Our Princess/Superhero will bring an Autographed Photo Keepsake for each of your Guests! This Service is a flat rate of $20 + $5 per Print/Guest.


Wishing Star Ceremony

All of our Dining Experiences and Shows may include Pixie Dust Wishing Ceremonies for your Guests. If you would prefer not to use Glitter in your Event/Venue, you may select to do a Wishing Star Ceremony instead. In this Ceremony, each guest will receive their own Wishing Star to hold and take home as a keepsake. This Service is a flat rate of $20 + $5 per guest.


Sound System and Technician

Do you need us to bring our Sound System? We are proud to offer our clients our Sound System complete with a high-quality Mixer, Speakers/Stands, Microphones (headset & handheld options), Laptops, and a trained technician to run our music/show. We have a Sound System for any size event and are prepared to manage that aspect of our show! This service is a flat rate of $500.

Our Dining Experience Partners

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Booking Contract and Policies

By booking our Characters or Attending one of our events, you agree to our Performing Contract and Company Policies. Thank you for creating magic with us!


Dining Experience
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Please note: Fridays - Mondays, our team is focusing on event prep, attending events, and then cleaning and organizing afterwards! We typically respond to messages on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Please allow us a few days to get back to you!

Thank you for believing in our dream! 

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