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About Us

Olivia Grace & Company is a prestigious organization of passionate entertainment professionals committed to producing the highest quality character entertainment - outside of a Theme Park. Whether we’re focused on creating unique offerings tailored for a local audience or developing innovative and immersive experiences, our team works together to bring magic to guests every opportunity we get.

Each costume and accessory you see our Characters wear has been custom created of the finest materials for our Company by American seamstresses and designers. Every wig is hand-crafted by local, professional stylists and restyled after every event. And every Cast Member has received professional Character Performer Training from Disney, Universal, or OG&C - Ensuring your experience with our company exceeds all industry standards for Character Entertainment. We thank you for noticing the difference in our company and finding value in what we have created.

Marie H.

"More magical, intimate, interactive, and entertaining than any Theme Park. We were visiting from the Detroit area and I know there are similar events held in my area by other groups, but from the pics and videos I’ve seen, they do not appear to be as well-done and intimate as what we experienced with OG&C. When the princesses did they opening dance number, I was brought to tears,  It must have been a combination of nostalgia and joy of seeing my daughter so full of excitement. Thank you, Olivia Grace and Company for an incredible experience!"

Our Owner

Olivia Grace Haines-Robey

Founder and CEO

Upon graduating Hope College in 2013 and in addition to pursuing her Master's in Human Resource Management, Olivia accepted her dream role with The Walt Disney Company as a Face Character Performer, where she performed as classic Princesses and Characters in parades, shows, and meet-and-greets at the Walt Disney World Resort.


While with Disney, Olivia was formally recognized over 100 times by Guests and Disney Management for outstanding performance and dedication to customer service.

In 2016, Olivia made the move home to Michigan - where she accepted a role in Talent Acquisition with Corewell Health and then a promotion to Director of Talent Acquisition with Signature Healthcare. Although she loved her role in Human Resources, she began to miss the magic. So, after months of research and development, Olivia invested her entire life's savings into creating what would soon become 'Olivia Grace & Company’ - we accepted our first booking and began creating magic in December, 2017! 

After unbelievable success in the first few months; in February, 2018, Olivia left her corporate career to focus on OG&C - with her main focus dedicated toward creating magic where it is needed most. Since day one, every penny of profit we've made (including what would be Olivia's salary) goes directly into our ‘Magic Fund’ - a reserve place to sponsor character experiences for families and communities in need of a little extra magic. 

"This has never been about making money.

For me, this is truly about creating magic."

- Olivia Grace

Olivia resides in Holland with her husband, Patrick, their one-year-old daughter, Charlotte Ann, and their three rescue pups; Lincoln, Tilly Mae, and Mazie.

Thank you for supporting her dream!


Production Team

Performance Specialists / Trainers

Cast Members

Our team is comprised of two Casts: Local and National. 

Local Cast: Based in Michigan, these are the faces you'll see at most of our events near our base in Holland, MI. These Cast Members have experience working with Disney, Universal, or have received Professional Theme Park training from OG&C! 

National Cast: These Cast Members reside all over the United States and are prepared to travel wherever we need them for Events and Experiences in Michigan and Nationwide. Each one of these Cast Members has performed with Disney or received OG&C Training and is excited to bring their professional performing experience to your events - wherever they are located!  

Cast Members listed in Purple are our talented Character Captains! 
  • Abby Rzepka 

  • Alyssa Rork 

  • Amy Cain 

  • Amy Fredrickson 

  • Andrea Uitvlugt Lautenbach 

  • Andrew Del Raso

  • Ashley Jantz

  • Ashton Frederick

  • Bethany Derungs

  • Bethany Moses 

  • Bianca Keitel Ashby 

  • Brian Cann 

  • Brianna Hoekwater

  • Brione PT

  • Brooke Boyd 

  • Brooke Wever

  • Casey Adams

  • Christina Cowley 

  • Christine Hall

  • CodiBrianne Gutierrez

  • Cole Westerhof

  • Colin Wever

  • Conner Johnson

  • Dana Anderson 

  • Danielle Paganelli

  • Dayanna Price

  • Destinee Kachel 

  • Enchantment Becote

  • Erica Dykstra 

  • Erica Zamloot

  • Erin Condit

  • Eva Ortiz

  • Gianna Green 

  • Hannah Davis 

  • Jalen Bayer

  • Jaelyn Raiford 

  • Jaelyn Stokes

  • Jessica Bradt

  • Johnny DeMaagd 

  • Kalleah Wilfong

  • Kayla Kennedy

  • Kelley Lofton 

  • Kristina Bezenah 

  • Lauren Luzier

  • Lauren Ronayne 

  • Lexi Rae Klapp

  • Lilia Dawn

  • Luke Richards

  • Mahalia Reign

  • Maria Veenstra 

  • Mario Adkins

  • Matt Bulthuis 

  • Meagan Draper

  • Megan Aleece

  • Megan Ebbeskotte

  • Michael Lautenbach 

  • Naomi Williams

  • Natalie Crosby 

  • Nicole Koch 

  • Paige Tuttle

  • Rachel Walker

  • Rachel Yonai

  • Rian Lombardo 

  • Ruth Vanden Bos-Plaisier 

  • Sarah Walton

  • Stephen Grey 

  • Tanya Marie

  • Tianna Leon


The Magic Fund

100% of our profits are donated to the OG&C Magic Fund - a reserve in place to fund donated and discounted events for Children's Hospitals, Make-a-Wish, Local Charities, and Families in need of a little extra magic. Every dollar you spend booking our characters or purchasing tickets to our events will help us continue creating magic for those who need it most.


Thank you for supporting our dream of making the world a more magical place.

We are honored to have been featured by:


Our Valued Partners

We are honored to collaborate with industry leading venues, restaurants, resorts, and businesses to bring magical experiences to their locations and guests.

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